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WhyBeer Is Good
This page is a collection of short stories written by myself and other friends about our exploits into the absurd. Read them and enjoy. Some are really quite funny and demonstrate how easily climbers can create adventure without leaving the ground.

Why Walls are Better than Women
A must read by Wally Barker
AVegas Wedding Story
Inez Drixielius
June 23, 2000
Team Stooge Goes Wall Climbing
Robert Fonda
March 17, 2000
April Fools Stooge Style
Robert Fonda
April 1, 2000
The Real, Walk On The Wild Side
Michael Dong
March 6, 2001
 My First Climb; My First Epic
Will Sitch
April 9, 2001
Skull Queen
Robert Fonda
July 12, 2001
 Moonlight Buttress - Zion
Michael Dong
November 24, 2001
 Born Under A Bad Sign
Russ Walling & Walt Shipley
Sometime in 1986
 Native Son 
Russ Walling
 The Shield 
Peter Jones
May 13, 2001